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Condoms have been the cornerstone of HIV prevention for the past 35+ years. While there are new ways to prevent HIV, it is important to remember that condoms still play an important role in prevention.


Condoms are protective sheathes worn on the penis that work to prevent transmission of fluids. They are highly effective at preventing HIV and STIs.

When using condoms, there are some useful tips to be aware of:

  • Condoms are single-use only, so always use a new, fresh, condom;
  • If you are having sex with more than one person at the same time (such as when in a group sex session), use a new condom for every new partner;
  • Use condoms if sharing sex toys. Put a new condom on the toy anytime it is going from one person to another;
  • There are different types of lube that can be used during sex, and when you are using condoms, only use water based lube, as some oil based lubes can damage the condom; and 
  • Keep condoms close by the bed and keep some on you, so that in the heat of the moment you can easily grab them whether you are at your place, his place, or somewhere else.

How to use a condom

For condoms to provide you with the most protection, they need to be used properly. These tips will give you the best level of protection and reduce the chances of condoms breaking or slipping off during sex. 

  • Always check the date on the packet. Don’t use condoms that are past their use-by date.
  • Store your condoms out of direct sunlight and away from heat. 
  • Keeping a condom in your wallet is always a good idea, but replace any condoms in your wallet if they have been there for a while.
  • Be careful if using your teeth to open a packet as this can rip the condom. Try gently pushing the condom to the side of the packet away from your teeth when opening it.
  • Avoid scratching the condom with your nails.
  • Before trying to roll a condom onto a cock make sure that you’ve got it the right way around.
  • Hold the teat part of the condom (the bit that pokes out) and place it on the head of the cock when it is erect. 
  • Unroll the condom the full length of the cock, right down to the base without stretching it. If the condom you are using doesn’t unroll to the base of your cock, you need to use a larger condom.
  • Most condoms come already lubricated, but this is usually not enough for anal sex. Apply plenty of water-based lubricant to both the cock and arse before fucking. 
  • Keep applying lube during sex if you are fucking for a while, and if you need to, use a new condom. 
  • After you’ve cum and before your cock goes soft, hold on to the condom at the base of the cock when pulling out.
  • Holding the teat gently slide the condom off your cock. The teat should hold most of the cum.

Condoms and other STIs

Condoms are the best protection against STIs. However, they will not protect you against every STI so it’s important to get tested regularly so that any STI can be diagnosed and treated quickly and easily.

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